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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

Driven crazy by a door that won’t close or open properly? Our professional technicians can adjust the travel and force limits on your garage door opener. We repair and maintain all makes and models.

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When a garage door cable snaps

When a garage door cable snapped, the first thing that comes to mind is if there was anyone in the garage at the time. If the garage door uses an extension spring, the danger is during the actual point in time that the cable snapped. The loose cable causes physical damage to property, as well as to any person within striking distance. The tension on the cable can cause it to break, and acts like a whip. In the case of a garage door torsion spring, when the cable snaps, this will be a controlled break and no cable will get loose. No damage to property is expected when a torsion spring breaks.

However, when an extension spring is replaced, it is relatively easy, that even a do-it-yourselfer would be able to replace alone and have the garage door in proper working order in no time. In contrast, a torsion spring is dangerous to replace. It would require a trained repair person to replace it safely and restore it to proper working order.


People here don’t like to compromise when it comes to quality. Therefore, the Garage Door Repair Lake Lanier Islands Company has to bring only garage doors and accessories manufactured by well-known providers, such as Amarr, Genie, Liftmaster, and Clopay. It is of no importance if you are looking for the new and reliable sectional garage door, or you want to change your old garage door lock, we are here to offer you the solution.

The exterior aluminum rolling doors are present in a large gamma of colors, considering the wish of the client to protect the cars from bad weather, but also against burglaries. Some people would like their garages to be completely blank, with no exterior light, while others would look for the glass garage doors that will allow the sunlight to enter the garage. As for security and protection against burglaries, you can install the garage door keypad that is useful as a security method. Of course, the color is also important, as you can’t install a red door for a blue garage. Don’t worry, as even if we don’t have the color you need on stock, we will surely order it from our suppliers, and it will be delivered for you in the shortest time possible.

The rolls up garage doors are the most elegant doors of this kind, especially if you are able to enhance it with the craftsman garage door keypad. This system has the role to offer a good-looking image for your garage, and to protect the windows of the garage door from bad weather. Those systems are extremely resistant, especially to the strong action of the sun, and or the environment, and they offer a good thermal and sound insulation. Therefore, the costs will be covered as the time passes, and the interior air will be cold, even if the weather outside is hot. The exterior aluminum cover has the role to protect the surfaces, and studies showed that if you were able to benefit of the professional support of the Garage Door Repair Lake Lanier Islands Company, the surfaces would be perfectly combined, offering the perfect noise and heat insulation.

The type of material is also important, especially in the case of the exterior roll ups, but also depending of the quality. Moreover, an increased reliability is offered, and with the help of the genie garage door keypad, you can make complex systems that can be easily used even by kids. With the advanced Stanley garage door keypad, you can even program the door to open and close at certain intervals, or to install some advanced sensors that will lift the door whenever one of the cars arrives or whenever somebody wants to enter the garage.

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