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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

Driven crazy by a door that won’t close or open properly? Our professional technicians can adjust the travel and force limits on your garage door opener. We repair and maintain all makes and models.

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Garage door spring replacement

A garage door spring replacement is necessary in case a garage door spring breaks. In most instances the whole spring assembly is replaced. Although garage door spring replacement is not too hard to do in terms of the labor required, it is highly recommended that this task be left to professionals. The task itself could be done by one person, and he can be finished in less than a day. However, the risks involved can be considerable.

There are two kinds of garage door springs. One type is the extension spring, which is a spring and cable assembly that extends perpendicular to the garage door and is suspended or attached to the roof. This is usually used when the garage has always ceiling. Another type is called the torsion spring which is basically a tightly wound spring car assembly attached suspended to the top of the garage door. Torsion springs are better left to professional repair personnel for replacement.


From a broken garage door spring, to repairing complicated devices such as the garage opener remote, our company is ready to deliver the best work in record time. Just check the garage Door Repair Monticello services, and compare them with the garage door prices offered by other companies in this area, and you will understand for sure why it is so important to call us whenever you have a problem of this kind.

No matter what garage door size you need, we have it for you. Of course, there might be a possibility for us not to have the door in stock when you make the request, but we will make anything possible to se it done as soon as possible. If you want to install garage door, and your garage does not has the standard dimensions, there are two methods to solve this problem:

1. In place garage door installation

This type of installation provided by our garage Door Repair Monticello Company is the simplest one. It means that our specialists will come at your door, and they will check the dimensions of the door, cutting the pieces in place and mounting them. Unfortunately, this is possible only if we are talking about adjustments of a few centimeters, or if we are talking about a repair garage door job. In case your garage door has a dimension that is not standard, and if the door requires serious modifications, it means that, our company needs to modify a standard door for the dimensions of your garage.

2. Ordered garage door repair

In case you don’t need a standard garage door, and if you want to have the best-looking door in the city, we would kindly ask you to tell us what do you need, and to have patience for a few days until we are able to finish the execution. We offer projecting, consultancy and support features, and if you benefit of a garage door made especially for your needs.

For example, you can order the garage door with zinc adding that make it resistant to all kinds of weather conditions. Between the interior and exterior layer, there is an insulating layer that will make sure the water can’t get in, which means an increased life duration for the garage door. With the special form and quality of the materials, those doors offer maximum protection against any kind of problems.

With our company, you will enjoy the diversity of colors, and the maximum quality is ensured. The warranty service offers complete covering of any problem that might appear during this period. Besides warranty, our company also offers support in case it is needed, and this is possible because we are direct distributors and dealers for those materials. The solid construction and our experience with mounting will offer the increased quality you are looking for, and also for the best prices that you can find in this area.

Garage Door Repair Monticello

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