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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

Driven crazy by a door that won’t close or open properly? Our professional technicians can adjust the travel and force limits on your garage door opener. We repair and maintain all makes and models.

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Garage Door Springs

There are two types of garage door springs. There is the torsion spring that is set of tightly wound cable allowing the garage door to move smoothly. This is usually located at the top of the garage door. The extension spring is usually located at the sides of the garage doors.

For large garage doors, there is usually a pair of springs. This helps to better balance the weight of the garage door. The ideal garage door balance ensures the least amount of effort, whether with a remote controlled motor, or manually. The stored energy in the torsion springs ensures that little effort is required to smoothly swing the door up and open. Extension springs, on the other hand, have a tendency to have a jerking motion, and this can damage the garage door in the long run. Extension springs also have more moving parts. These parts, in turn can be an additional source of failure in the cable system.


If you are building a new home and you need a modern garage door, or you are only looking for a garage door torsion spring repair for your old door, you might want to consider our Garage Door Repair Auburn Company. There are the elegant and classical doors, but also the modern door that will give your home a new aspect. There are the roll-on doors that are made of PVC, and even if those doors seem fragile and easy to deteriorate, you must know that the PVC is extremely resistant. We are talking about those doors that look like the roll on windows, doors that will rarely require you to fix garage spring.

The exclusive and special doors that can’t be found often, such as the wood or roll up doors are a little more expensive, but the price difference deserves any financial effort. Such a door changes the esthetic of a house completely, and the possibility for the springs to break are small, therefore you won’t need to fix garage springs once every three months, like it happens in the case of other types of garage doors.

Anyway, no matter what type of door would you like from the Garage Door Repair Auburn Company, you can be sure that it is easy to use, and they are not even expensive. However, considering the colors you want, you will be able to choose a certain type of door, and the price of those garage doors will be in concordance with the price and with your demands. This type of door is extremely innovator, and it has many advantages. The first of them is that you can choose an automated system to control it; therefore, you will not need to get out of the car to open and to close the door, which is extremely useful especially during the rainy days. If you are thinking about a garage door replacement, then this is the door you should look for.

You can also think about the aluminum garage door, and this type of door has another advantage, meaning that you will be able to fix garage door panel by yourself, although with the aluminum garage doors, there is a small possibility for those panes to break. Moreover, we always have this type of door on stock; therefore, you won’t have to wait for weeks for the door to be delivered. You might consider changing your old garage door with one of our automated solutions whenever you want to change the aspect of your home. As long as you are changing the image of your home, you might also think about a garage door that is integrated in the respective aspect.

Garage Door Repair Auburn

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