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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

Driven crazy by a door that won’t close or open properly? Our professional technicians can adjust the travel and force limits on your garage door opener. We repair and maintain all makes and models.

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Provides effective garage door maintenance

Here, you’ll find helpful pointers for effective garage door maintenance. You’ll get nice ideas on garage door parts and repair too.

Dirt can damage the garage door mechanism

The regular cleaning of the garage door parts can make a difference to the efficient operation of the mechanism according to the experience of Garage Door Repair Atlanta. Remember that a small rock could hurt the tracks and damaged garage door tracks would prevent the proper sliding of the rollers. Dust can also prevent sensors and openers from working properly and must be cleaned carefully.

Did you check the sensors?

They are responsible for your safety and, hence, you must make sure they are facing each other and are connected with the opener properly.

Test the door sensors

The newer models of garage doors are available with safety features such as sensors. These sensors help in the automatic opening and closing of doors. These are the small devices attached to the bottom of the garage door track. When these sensors are not aligned, the door will not close accurately.

Add supplementary springs

Each garage door system needs a certain type and number of springs in order to be stable and move properly. If you have extension springs, you can still add extra ones or a torsion spring to support the door's weight. If you have a torsion spring, you can reinforce the system with an additional one. It's better to get a torsion spring of the same size as the first one.

Keep the garage floor clean to protect the door

Dirt, grime, and chemical substances which remain on the floor can cause serious damage to the bottom seal and possibly to the bottom panels as well. Road salts, in particular, can cause even galvanized garage door tracks to corrode. For these reasons, you must provide proper garage floor cleaning when necessary.

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