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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

Driven crazy by a door that won’t close or open properly? Our professional technicians can adjust the travel and force limits on your garage door opener. We repair and maintain all makes and models.

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Torsion spring replacement

The garage door torsion spring is a cable wound tightly around a bar located on top of the garage door. It serves to ease lifting the garage door manually, or with the help of a remote controlled machine. With the right tension on the torsion spring, the garage door is balanced at the point where the slightest effort is needed to raise it in a controlled fashion. If there is too much tension on the cable, the garage door would spring up too rapidly, whereas with too little tension, it would rise too slowly and would require a lot of effort on the door opener.

Torsion spring replacement is the procedure where the torsion spring is replaced. This is not a simple activity, since the spring is under a lot of tension. Replacing the torsion spring dangerous if handled improperly is dangerous. This is an activity, which is best left to professional repair personnel.


The systems offered by the Garage Door Repair Avondale Estates Company are made with respect for the general architecture of the city, being safe while using, and also reliable. A garage door installation job is warranted for 10 years or for 35 000 usages, being insulated against bad weather, but also against heat that might ruin the paint of the cars.

Besides the installment options, the Garage Door Repair Avondale Estates company offers you repair garage door features, with a manual or electric powering system, depending on your needs and preferences, but especially on your budget.

The sliding garage doors are made with zinc-steel, they are painted in an electrostatic field, being triggered manually or electrically, with the help of a remote. The doors have a balancing arm, and also other facilities that will make sure you need garage door repair services rarely.

If you think about a garage door replacement job, you will probably want to replace the old door with the newest models, such as the roll up garage doors that can be installed easily. The advantage of those doors is that they can be adjusted for any garage door dimensions, and you can even benefit of a garage door DIY, if you need this kind of job. As a comparison with the sectioned doors, the roll-on doors have thicker metallic frames that are rolled in a frame.

The Lowes garage door is made with sandwich panels of 40 millimeters, with accessories and devices that will make the door reliable and fast. The sectioned doors that optimize the activity in the interior of a building or in the interior of an industrial hall will reduce the time needed to action the doors, and as those doors are easy to roll up and down, they are the perfect solution for your needs. Of course, those doors can be found in a manual and also in an automated version.

The glass garage door is now requested by a large number of clients, being considered as one of the most interesting and modern to install a garage door. The rubber insulations will make this door reliable and fast, and it is also considered as one of the fastest doors. As for the prices, just compare ours with the prices of the rest of the companies in Avondale Estates, and you will realize why we are the best option for your home, or for your industrial hall.

Garage Door Repair Avondale Estates

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