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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

Driven crazy by a door that won’t close or open properly? Our professional technicians can adjust the travel and force limits on your garage door opener. We repair and maintain all makes and models.

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Sears Garage Door Service

Premium garage door brands like Sears take pride in being almost maintenance free. Very rarely will you find a defective garage door or garage door opener, but any homeowner should be responsible enough to schedule regular Sears garage door service and maintenance checks. Because this is a trusted brand, it is highly unlikely that emergency situations will arise. Accidents may also be prevented with regular scheduled checks, even if it's only twice a year. The checks will include the different parts of the garage door, including the garage door opener and even the remote control. Garage doors from Sears last for a long time, but the springs for example, need to be replaced after five years or so. Other smaller parts suck as the sprockets, screws or belt need to be repaired or replaced after a few years. The idea here is to keep your Sears garage door in good working condition as long as possible.


Genie Garage Door Repair

The Genie brand of garage doors is one of the more popular ones in the market and has been around for a long time. People love it because they offer innovative designs, competitive price points, and good after sales support. Genie garage doors are primarily concerned that homes are kept safe and secure especially when there's no one around the house. During the night, the garage doors function to keep the homeowners' vehicles safe from the elements and from thieves. Genie doors are durable, ably handle the elements, and have been tested to endure wear and tear. Over the years, parts may start to wear out and will need to be repaired and serviced. The wonderful thing about Genie garage doors is that there are trained technicians who are well versed in repairing and replacing parts. You can easily call for a Genie garage door repair service and expect spectacular work from a professional.


If your garage Door does Not Open, it could mean you are in big trouble. Especially if you own a hotel or a small business, the consequences could be disastrous. That is why we offer any kind of garage doors services in less than 24 hours. Just call our highly qualified engineers and they will check why your garage door does not open. Our mechanics will take the engineer’s place and will replace your broken parts using the best materials that you could find in Canton. The Garage Door Repair Canton Company is also specialized in delivering parts for your garage. Any kind of industrial or individual garage door problem you would have, we have the right solution for you. We are specialized in fixing the problems when your garage Door does Not Open, but this doesn’t mean we can’t do other garage door jobs like parts replacements, yearly maintenance or fix garage springs

Many people can guarantee for out professionalism and great services in Canton. We also offer warranty for any kind of service or garage door parts, but people rarely have to call us back. This is because our parts will last for a lifetime. You won’t have a problem with your aluminum garage door ever again and you can be sure your garage door is safe also. This is an important aspect, as your kids are often playing in the garage area. Especially if you have a basket blackboard over your garage, you will have to be certain about garage door security. This is not a problem for us because our garage doors are made out of the best aluminum or glass that you could find in Canton, or in the surrounding areas. We are continuously looking for the best material providers in the US, so you can be sure you will not have a problem ever again. In addition, with our highly qualified staff you can be sure about the best post-service maintenance services in Canton. Moreover, if by any chance, you are not satisfied with our work, we offer to fix the problem you have free, and to make sure the problem does not appear again, as the satisfaction of our clients is the most important aspect for us.

Garage Door Repair Canton

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