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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

Driven crazy by a door that won’t close or open properly? Our professional technicians can adjust the travel and force limits on your garage door opener. We repair and maintain all makes and models.

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Sears Garage Door Repair

Sears garage door repair is a service by Sears for their customers. Besides door repair, Sears also provides garage door preventive maintenance and tune ups. Sears does not only repair their own brand of garage doors, they also repair other brands and models of garage doors. The types of damaged door repair services that Sears garage performs include garage door off track and broken springs.

Sears offers tune-ups and maintenance, which preserves the good working order of the door. Regular maintenance is another smart way to prevent damage to the garage door. Several symptoms of break down can be caught early with regular preventive maintenance.

In addition, preventive maintenance will ensure that the door is properly balanced, and works without any noise. Balancing the garage door entails adjusting the tension along the cables and springs. This results in even raising of the garage door, as well as smooth movement along the tracks, as it rises and lowers.


Of course, as you have many options at your disposal, you will probably need to check the garage door opener prices before deciding. From this point of view, we assure you that the Clopay garage door prices are the best, and that you can surely find whatever you want in our offer.

The liftmaster garage door opener prices will also give you a clue about the services and devices you can obtain. For example, you can take the Chamberlain kit with buried engines that will increase the space in your garage, making sure that the engines are protected at the same time. This system is a little more expensive than the other ones, but it offers an increased reliability and the safety that you will benefit of a great system for the decades to come.

The liftmaster garage door opener can also be installed for the sliding doors that have a weight of 400-800 kilograms, and they come with an engine, photocells for your safety, a radio receptor and all the modern facilities of a garage door. Moreover, the system comes with a circuit that blocks the system manually in case of a blackout. The warranty is extended, and it is different from one system to the other. You will have to check the list with products and services, as the Garage Door Repair Peachtree City offers a different warranty for a Skylink garage door opener than for a Genie garage door opener.

Of course, there is also the intellicode garage door opener for sliding or balancing doors. The kit is formed with: a control panel with a receptor, an engine that generates up to 80 kilograms of force, chains and cables if needed, garage door opener remotes, and also a system that will stop the door from closing or opening if an obstacle is detected.

The craftsman garage door opener is another interesting system that is preferred by more and more clients. It is made of special materials that will offer a resistance that was never seen before. If you want to check the different facilities offered by this door, you will have to download the brochure free and to determine what characteristics are needed for your door.

One of the most important aspects considered by the Garage Door Repair Peachtree City Company is the speed of opening and closing for the garage door. Of course, you will also get the accessories for this kit, as those are important also. For example, you might want a signaling lamp, an auto barrier, a fixed support for the barrier if any, and also a pair of infrared sensors that will increase the general security of the system. With a device of this kind, you can be sure that your door will work perfectly for the decades to come, and if by any means, something happens with the system, you will also benefit of support from our specialists.

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