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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

Driven crazy by a door that won’t close or open properly? Our professional technicians can adjust the travel and force limits on your garage door opener. We repair and maintain all makes and models.

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Overhead door repair

Overhead door repair is required when the garage door itself is damaged. Most modern garage doors are of a multi-paneled construction. The door slides upwards with the use of springs and tracks and rollers. The use of panels allows an overhead door to be repaired; instead of replacing the whole door, only the damaged panels require change. Besides the aesthetic of the door and garage, a damaged overhead door might not work properly. It may not be open or close properly, or it has a hole that allows the elements, small animals, and insects into the garage. Although, this is relatively minor compared to other possible garage door repairs, repair or replacement should be done immediately.

A misaligned, skewed, bent or dented door can lead to other problems to the mechanisms if kept in operation. There may be pressure on the roller to jump the track, or the track might also get bent. After repairing the overhead door, the door should be checked that it is properly balanced.


When it comes to the garage door replacement jobs, you can fully trust this company. Whether you need a new aluminum garage door, or you want to fix garage door panel, you will find everything you need here. For the garage door extension springs, we offer extended warranty and support after installation.

The doors and the gates used for entering and exiting the garage or the yard represent the optimal solution for a modern house, ensuring maximum comfort and an increased resistance to burglaries, with an increased resistance and stability in tine, offering a silenced closing and opening, being enhanced with a system that will block the door automatically whenever the electric power goes down.

One of the most common problems with the garage doors are the torsion springs. If you want to avoid this problem, you will have to order the doors of this company, as they are made with an increased resistance to bumps and torsions.

If you want to replace garage door spring, you must know that this is also an easy job for our specialists. Well, it is a matter of experience and of knowing the demands and expectations of the clients, but our Garage Door Repair Roswell Company prides with the experience they have in this field.

Of course, as we offer complete repairing services, our list of provided works include some jobs that can’t be done by any other Garage Door Repair Roswell company. For example, we offer you the possibility to repair the garage door opener off track, but also other problems like broken springs, changing the rubber parts that are used, replacing the traction cables or replacing the wheels. Of course, if you need to repair garage door off track, you can also check the list with other services that we can offer you. We answer all the solicitations, and in the base of a service contract, we can offer you support for any other problem you might have.

The preventive checking is an advanced service offered by us in the city of Roswell. This means that our specialists will come to check the reliability of your door, to fix garage door off track and the garage door cables, and also to check some other aspects of the garage. There is a possibility to check the torsion cables, the fixing screws, and also the equilibrium of the door and other technical parts. We are recommended by our experience, as we are talking about hundreds of satisfied customers. Our services are distinct amongst the services offered by other companies, and whenever you need support from this point of view, you will be answered by our specialists in the shortest time possible. Once we have the solution, the specialists will arrive to fix the garage door or to offer you some other good alternatives.

Garage Door Repair Roswell

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