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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

Driven crazy by a door that won’t close or open properly? Our professional technicians can adjust the travel and force limits on your garage door opener. We repair and maintain all makes and models.

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Garage door repair

Garage door repair is usually necessary when a door is physically damaged, or some other part of the door assembly is no longer able to function properly. These include the tracks, rollers, and door panels. In the case of the torsion spring and the extension springs, these would have to be replaced if they acquired damaged or broke.

Garage door repair can be completed by the owner who is educated on garage doors, or if he is a do-it-yourselfer. Otherwise, the owner would be better off having someone else do the job. Repair personnel can do the work faster, and also practice safe procedures for repairing garage doors.

A garage door has more than 300 independently moving parts and if any of these is not working properly, it can cause damage to other parts of system. If garage door problems are becoming a common occurrence, it is time to call qualified service personnel to take a look and remedy or repair any problems.


If you don’t want to get out of the car whenever you want to open or close the garage door, you might think about the electric doors, which offer an increased reliability and also safety. With the garage door Energy Tax Credit, you can be sure that your door is low energy consuming and eco friendly. With those systems, you will be able to park the car in the garage without getting off the car, and the system is also safe if you want to install some sensors.

Our Garage Door Repair Sandy Springs Company also offers great options for businesses and transport companies, such as the steel garage door that is needed for a transport company that carries valuable goods. You don’t want the goods to be stolen from the deposit in the middle of the night; therefore, you might think about installing such a system that will offer safety.

For the residential clients, we have the aluminum garage door that is comfortable and fast. As we are proud of our solid offer of doors, we offer you Amarr, Genie, Liftmaster, Clopay systems for great prices. You can also think about an eco friendly system that is powered by a solar cell, as this system offers autonomy from the electric network.

The Garage Door Repair Sandy Springs offers the best system for your needs. The sectional garage door has been recently introduced in our offer, and it is really appreciated by our clients, not only because of its increased reliability, but also because of the small price it has compared with other systems of this kind. Now, you can benefit of a complete package composed of a new garage door with an advanced garage door lock system, with a garage door keypad such as the Craftsman garage door keypad, and with a triggering system for the entrance door, that doesn’t need a supplementary receptor.

The quality of the system is guaranteed, and it also has a warranty of 5 years, being the most effective system available on the local Sandy Springs market. Some people prefer to call the garage door companies from Atlanta, just because they don’t trust the reliability of the local companies. We are determined to change this state of facts, offering reliable solutions of this kind, and 5 years warranty for any of our works, whether we are talking about replacing, repairing or installing jobs, or even for consultancy, advices and support jobs.

The progressive acceleration with a controlled stopping device offer an increased reliability, as the system is silenced, and the door is protected from external factors. The system also has a warranted security, as it is safe, offering the perfect protection against burglaries. In case the electric power goes off, the door will be blocked automatically, and the thieves won’t be able to get inside.

Garage Door Repair Sandy Springs

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