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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

Driven crazy by a door that won’t close or open properly? Our professional technicians can adjust the travel and force limits on your garage door opener. We repair and maintain all makes and models.

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Garage Door Tune Up & Maintenance

Regular garage door tune up and maintenance is needed to ensure the proper operation of a garage door. The maintenance ensures that the tracks and rollers are properly oiled. The garage door springs are also checked for any sign of wear and tear. The door operation is also tested to ensure quiet operation, and that the door is properly balanced. Different types of noise while the door is opening or closing can be due to some problems with the door assembly. In which case, the repair person can do minor repairs to remedy the problem. During the tune up, the door may be checked for balance, and the technician can balance the springs if needed. The rollers and tracks can also be checked for proper operation, with the rollers rolling along the tracks and not sliding on it. The seals can also be checked to see if they are flush to the sides, the top and the bottom. Repair personnel usually have a 20-point checklist to follow to ensure that the garage door works properly.


While in the past, people were happy with a simple garage door with a few improvements, today, people are looking only for the latest technological discoveries. For example, they would like to have the new intellicode clicker with the garage door opener remotes, as those offer a great aspect and an increased reliability for the respective clients. The color gamma offer a choice for every client, but if the color you want is not present in our offer, we can customize the garage door only for you, but we would need a few days to paint the garage door in the color you like. Of course, you can also combine the colors, so the house and the door would have complementary colors.

If you want a perfect match between the color of the house and the color of the garage door, it is a good idea to choose the roll up doors with the craftsman garage door opener, as those are the most reliable doors of this kind and for a good price also.

The garage doors are just as important as the entrance doors in the house, or as the windows, so whenever you have a problem from this point of view, such as the garage door panel repair or some garage door repair parts, you will have to call the Garage Door Repair Woodstock Companies.

If you are just building your house, you will have to know that the garage represents an important part of it; therefore, it must be treated with respect and love just as the rest of the home. After all, this is the place where your cars have to be protected against sun, rain, heat or dust. Therefore, a nice garage with nice cars deserves a good-looking door. However, it must also be in concordance with the rest of the house, and with your desires and preferences.

Whenever you need a garage door cable repair, just look at the garage door repair cost of our Garage Door Repair Woodstock Company, and you will be convinced that we are the company to choose. There are numerous types of doors, such as the roll up doors or the metallic ones, or even wooden doors for people that want to preserve the classical aspect of a house. However, remember that a wooden door is not so easy to maintain and install, as even if those are classy doors, they are pretty expensive, especially because they need to be painted with special substances to resist water, dust, heat and other harmful factors that might ruin its aspect. So no matter whatever your problem is, we are here to make your garage door problems solved.

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